Urinals for Pee Free FENCEs at your event

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Sanitation In a Brand New Way!


Provide a stench free experience for your audience everywhere

Make great sanitation part of your brand with custom graphics

Install easily with no training or tools required

Reduce environmental footprint with a lightweight and compact design

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What Is Peefence?

Peefence is a flexible urinal which is easily set up in great quantities in outdoor settings. The urinal is made from a thin plastic sheet, which is flexible for compact storage and efficient transport.
Custom graphics entice your guests to go for a urinal and pass water without being a nuisance to the surroundings.
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Improved hygiene everywhere
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Easy and quick installation
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Sustainable production and distribution
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Large surface for graphics and sponsors
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How Can We Help You?

We offer highly practical urinals that are specifically tailored with your event in mind. We are more than happy to assist you with planning the installation at your venue and with the design of cool graphics that play well with your audience. Please share your needs and quirky ideas with us and we will tailor the perfect solution for you.

Photo of Peefence urinals on the fence at Roskilde Festival

Since the first installation in 2015, Peefence has become an integral part of Roskilde Festival. Hundreds of Peefence urinals help easening the pressure from over 100.000 attendees and provide a more pleasant camping experience.

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Photo of Peefence urinals protecting a statue on Copenhagen town square
Street Events

Since 2017 Peefence has served the 350.000 attendees at Distortion Street Festival and helped send a positive message to the neighbouring citizens in the inner streets of the city center.

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Photo on a Peefence urinal in front of Telia Parken

Peefence installations are currently being tested at prominent stadiums in Denmark

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Photo of Peefence urinal on plywood fencing
Construction Sites

It is even possible to mount Peefence urinals onto plywood fencing! Perfect for construction sites where space is limited.

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What's In It for YOU?

The Management

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Strategic communication

Eco-friendly branding

Setting a clean atmosphere
Photo of Christina Bilde from Roskilde Festival

”Peefence helps us eliminate urine problems and has thus improved the atmosphere for our guests significantly, in an engaging and environmental friendly way.”

- Christina Bilde, Roskilde Festival

The Coordinator

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A truly scalable solution    

Great versatility in both placement and numbers

Easy and quick installation and dismantling
Photo of Nicklas Wesche from Nus/Nus and Distortion Festival

”Peefence lets us be creative with the toilet facilities. Both in large numbers and in tight spaces. The customizable visuals makes it possible for us to communicate messages where it is most needed”

- Nicklas Wesche, Nus/Nus

The Crew

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Effective working routines

Compact storage & transport

Installation in minutes with no tools required
Photo of Plummer Karsten Stocker

“The urinals are quick to install and it is super easy! It is always difficult to get heavy equipment into the city center however with Peefence we can transport hundreds of urinals in a single van

- Karsten Stocker, Stocker VVS

The Guest

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Always nearby

Highly visible

Taking responsibility
Photo of festival attendee

”Peefence is always nearby! We are all used to pee in the fence but now you can do it in good conscience. And it just makes a better experience for everybody that the constant stench of urine is gone”

- Mads, festival attendee

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